Below is a brief depiction of some of the projects we have completed over the past few weeks:

 Emergency board-up and door replacements in Forest Hills, NY . 

Ceiling patch in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Ceramic tile replacements in Springfield, Missouri.

CMU replacement in Seattle, Washington.  

Dumpster repairs in Chico, California.

TV and track lighting installations in Denton, TX.                                     Mono-coating for fire prevention in Phoenix, Arizona.

Parking lot sealcoating and striping in Meriden, Connecticut.  Oasis bi-level water fountain replacements in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Slatwall installation in Barboursville, West Virginia.                      Contact block needing to be replaced in Eureka, California.

Faucet repairs in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sprinkler control valve replacement in Amarillo, Texas.

Preparing for tile removal in Miami, Florida.

Installation of ceramic tile in Miami, Florida (please see above).       Preparing to rewire can lights in Toledo, Ohio.


Exterior wood removal and replacement in Lafayette, Louisiana.